"If music be the food of love, play on..." Shakespeare

Nothing has the power to evoke emotion the way music does, and most of us wouldn't dream of excluding it from our wedding ceremony and reception. Because the music can truly set the tone of your wedding, it is important to know what type of ambiance you want to create. Your music should be a reflection of your personal style. Are you the traditional type, or do you prefer a modern style?

Some important questions that may arise:
The demographics of the guests. Are they party animals filled with hi-energy, or are they the kick-back crowd who would prefer to listen to background music and smooth jazz.
The music genre including hip-hop, country, participation dancing (line dances), Latin Beat, or a mix of all types depending on the crowd climate.
Your first dance, the Father-Daughter/Son-Mother dance, Honeymoon Dance (Money Dance), and your departure song.
We handle all of the announcements and working closely with you and/or your wedding planner and vendors in a fun yet professional manner ensures a relaxed, fun-filled and stress-free day.

I can talk about my service of over 500 weddings and receptions, but I would rather focus on having yours being absolutely and genuinely unique because I believe that...

If your event is a success, people will remember it. It is my desire to make your event a long lasting one well after the last song and dance.